Meeting Missile

Sissel So Missile, you've really been the star of the show lately.
Lynne Mr. Popular! Just don't let it go to your head.
Missile Don't worry! As long as I have Miss Kamila and you, Miss Lynne, you're all I'll ever need!
Lynne Well, you've certainly been living up to your name, Missile. Ever since the day we met.
Sissel How did you end up living with this critter anyway, Lynne?
Missile "Critter"? What's that supposed to mean?!
Lynne Hmm, let's see... I met this little guy... maybe two years ago now? At Pet Shop Bocci.
Missile I remember! I'd just been born and was only a tiny ball of fluff back then -- I didn't even know my left paw from my right.
Lynne As for me, I'd just joined the police force. My life had totally changed... and I needed a friend.
Sissel A friend?
Lynne Yeah, for Kamila. I was going to be pulling a lot of late nights, and I thought she might get lonely.
Sissel Ah, so that's why you decided to get the little doggie.
Lynne Um, no... not exactly.
Sissel Eh?
Lynne I actually went to look at the birds. They're so small and their voices are so sweet.
Missile Birds are for the birds. Look away for one second and they'll fly right off.
Lynne Fish would've been nice, too. Pretty little tropical fish swimming around in a big aquarium.
Missile Forget about fish. No matter how beautiful they are, you'll get sick of looking at them eventually.
Sissel Careful there, Missile. Your approval rating is tanking.
Lynne In any case, I was convinced a dog was a terrible idea. I wasn't going to be home much, and they have a lot of needs, right?
Missile But think about it! Even when I did bite the hand that feeds me, it brought us closer together!
Lynne That's easy for you to say... Anyway, I completely skipped over all the dogs in the store, as I recall.
Sissel So then... how? How did you end up with this hooligan?
Lynne Kamila fell for him -- hard. This little guy was in his cage, staring at us through its bars with this pitiful look on his face and tears in his eyes.
Missile In my defense, I was a bit desperate.
Lynne The lady at the shop took him out of the cage, and then...
Sissel And then...?
Lynne He suddenly jumped up on my coat, sunk his teeth into the badge on my chest, and tore it off.
Sissel What the...?
Missile Back then, I loved pulling off buttons, and I'd never seen such a big button before... So I went for it!
Lynne That wasn't a button!
Missile I'm sorry, Miss Lynne... I was a bad doggie.
Lynne You left two little bite marks on it. But I wasn't angry -- you just made me sad, because that badge means so much to me.
Sissel So then... how? How did you end up with this ruffian?
Missile Sissel, I've been letting you speak your mind for the last few minutes, but...
Lynne When he saw that I was sad, Missile quietly came over, gave me back my badge, and started licking my hand.
Sissel Oh...
Lynne That's when I realized... even if he couldn't speak, he could still understand what I was feeling.
Missile Miss Lynne...
Lynne Since then, he hasn't once bitten into any of our stuff.
Missile Because I decided then that I would never let anyone or anything make you or Miss Kamila sad, ever again!
Sissel Heh. Even though that was the very first thing you did?
Missile You didn't need to go there, you know!
Meeting Missile