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Sengoku BASARA series

Sengoku BASARA series

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Sengoku BASARA is a series of action games that brings a unique and refreshing approach to the historical events and warlords of Japan's Warring States period.
Since the launch of the first installment in 2005, Capcom has pursued its Single Content Multiple Usage strategy to leverage the brand and expand the spectacular world of Sengoku BASARA to a breadth of entertainment mediums, including animation and stage productions. Due to the phenomenal popularity, this IP has been chosen for an image character for elections and event collaborations in various places, including areas related to the Warring Sates period.

Gender Male, female
Age 15~34 year olds
Licensing Categories Toys, Figures, General goods, Apparel, Snacks, Events and Campaigns etc.
Title Keywords History, Warlord, Action
Series Website Sengoku BASARA series Official website
Game Series Sales 4 million units (as of June 30, 2022)

Examples of Licensed Products

  • Character Goods
  • Local events and campaigns
  • Packages of regional sweets

Latest News

Jul 2020
Sengoku BASARA Sumeragi Anniversary Edition release
Jul 2020
Sengoku BASARA 15th Anniversary started
Feb 2020
BASARA Matsuri 2020 Spring Event
Jul 2019
Zangeki Sengoku BASARA Tensei Houkan Stage Show
Jun 2019
Sengoku BASARA Battle Party (iOS/Android) release
Dec 2018
Zangeki Sengoku BASARA Souku Ransei Stage Show
Oct 2018
TV animation Gakuen BASARA started to air.
Jul 2018
BASARA Matsuri 2018 Summer Event

We are looking for licensing partners who are interested in event collaborations,
campaigns and good licensing related to the Japan's Warring States period.

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