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Retro Titles

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Numerous nostalgic retro games were hits on Arcade, NES and SNES. With the release of "Capcom Arcade Stadium" and "Capcom Fighting Collection", they are now playable on current devices and are still loved by fans. The latest work "Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium" also released.

Gender Male
Age 20s~50s
Licensing Categories Toys, figures, miscellaneous goods, apparel, foods, etc.
Title Keywords Retro, Arcade, Action, Shooting, Fighting, Puzzle, Sports, Collection Titles
Series Website Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium Official website
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July 2022
Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium
June 2022
Capcom Fighting Collection
May 2021
Capcom Arcade Stadium (PlayStation®4, Xbox One, PC)
February 2021
Capcom Arcade Stadium (Nintendo Switch)

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