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Apollo Justice Ace Attorney


Players start as rookie defense attorney Apollo Justice as he visits crime scenes, questions key witnesses and collects vital evidence before stepping into the courtroom to prove his clients’ innocence. Facing Apollo across the courtroom is the highly talented and flamboyant prosecutor Klavier Gavin who, in addition to being a legal genius, is also lead singer with Gavinners, a highly successful rock band with a string of hits to their name.


・Classic Ace Attorney gameplay with new modes that let you survey crime scenes, interview witnesses and gather evidence before defending your client in court
・All-new courtroom adventure from the creators of Phoenix Wright™: Ace Attorney™
・Optimized the UI and graphics for smartphones and tablets


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【 App Ver.1.00.04 ~ Ver.1.00.05 】
iOS 11.0 ~ 15.5

  • iPhone SE (1st generation)
  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone 12 mini
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max
  • iPad Air (3rd generation)
  • iPad Air (5th generation)

【 App Ver.1.00.00 ~ Ver.1.00.01 】
iOS 6.0 ~ 10.0.3

  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 5s
  • iPhone 5c
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPhone SE (1st generation)
  • iPhone 6s
  • iPhone 6s Plus
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPod touch (6th generation)
  • iPad (4th generation)
  • iPad Air
  • iPad Air2
  • iPad mini2
  • iPad mini3
  • iPad mini4
  • iPad Pro (9.7-inch)
  • iPad Pro (12.9-inch)

【 App Ver.1.00.06 】
Android OS 9.0 ~ 13.0

  • AQUOS zero2
  • Galaxy Tab S3
  • Pixel 4
  • Pixel 5
  • Pixel 6
  • Pixel 6 Pro
  • Pixel 7
  • Pixel 7 Pro
  • ROG Phone 3
  • Xperia 5 II
  • Xperia 5 III
  • ZenFone 7 Pro

【 App Ver.1.00.03 ~ Ver.1.00.05 】
Android OS 4.4 ~ 11.0

  • SO-02J Xperia X Compact
  • SO-51A Xperia 1 Ⅱ
  • SHG03 AQUOS sense5G
  • SHV37_u AQUOS L
  • SC-02M Galaxy A20
  • SCG09 Galaxy S21 5G
  • SCV35 Galaxy S8+
  • A001XM Redmi Note 9T
  • d-01J dtab Compact
  • Pixel6 Pro

【 App Ver.1.00.00 ~ Ver.1.00.02 】
Android OS 4.2 ~ 6.0

  • SGP512 Xperia Z2 Tablet
  • SO-01G Xperia Z3
  • SO-03G Xperia Z4
  • SO-05G Xperia Z4 Tablet
  • SO-01H Xperia Z5
  • SOL24 Xperia Z Ultra
  • SOL23 Xperia Z1
  • 401SO Xperia Z3
  • F-03G ARROWS Tab
  • F-02F ARROWS Tab
  • SC-01F GALAXY Note3
  • SCL22 GALAXY Note3
  • SC-04E GALAXY S 4
  • SC-04F GALAXY S 5
  • SC-02G GALAXY S 5 Active
  • SC-05G GALAXY S 6
  • SC-02H GALAXY S 7 Egde
  • EM01L Nexus 5
  • EM01L Nexus 6
  • LG-H791 Nexus5X
  • ME571-16G Nexus 7(2013)
  • K008(ME571K) Nexus7(2013)
  • 99HZF035-00 Nexus9(Indigo Black)
  • HTL22 HTC J One
  • HTL23 HTC J butterfly
  • HTL22 HTC J One HTL
  • 404KC DIGNO U

Note: Although the game can be purchased for environments not listed above, we cannot guarantee the game will function properly. Please be aware that we can neither guarantee the game’s performance nor offer refunds if you use a device or OS not listed as supported.
*[iOS version] From Ver.1.00.02, functionality is not guaranteed when using devices running iOS versions earlier than iOS 11.
*[Android version] Up to Ver.1.00.00 is compatible with the following models using Android 4.2 to 6.0. From Ver.1.00.01, functionality is not guaranteed.
*[Android version] The following recommended specifications are required to play this application smoothly. If you use a device that does not meet the recommended specifications, you may experience some issues during play.
[Smartphones and tablets with 2GB or more of RAM (incompatible with devices that do not have NEON technology)]

END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT FOR [Apollo Justice Ace Attorney]

NOTE: If you are a minor, please read this document with an adult.

If you are a person with limited capacity, such as a minor, please be sure to obtain permission from your legal representative, such as a parent or guardian, before giving consent to these End User License Agreement.

Article 1: Purpose of this EULA
This End User License Agreement (hereinafter the “EULA”) provides the matters that should be adhered to upon the use of the game application called “Apollo Justice Ace Attorney” (including any upgraded version thereof under an update program; hereinafter the “App”) distributed by Capcom Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “Capcom”).

Article 2: Scope of Application
1.This EULA shall apply to all persons who use the App (hereinafter the “You”).
2.You shall use the App only after agreeing to and complying with this EULA.

Article 3: Scope of License
Subject to Your compliance with the EULA, Capcom grants You a non-exclusive, non-sublicensable, and non-transferable license to use the App only for personal use and for normal game play.

Article 4: Use of the App
1.You shall not use the App on any device nor operating system other than those separately specified by Capcom (hereinafter referred to as the “Specified Environment”).
2.You acknowledge and agree that Capcom may exclude, in connection with an update of the App, some of the devices and operating systems on which the App does not function due to technological reasons from the Specified Environment at Capcom’s sole and absolute discretion.
3.You shall update the operating system that You use at your own discretion and risk. Capcom shall not assume liability to update the App for any operating system that is released after the start of the distribution of the App, except for the operating system that Capcom has added to the Specified Environment.

Article 5: Game Data
1.Any game data related to the App, such as the state of progress and inputted information of a User, (hereinafter the “Game Data”) shall be stored on Your device.
2.You shall manage Your devices on which the App is used at Your own risk, and Capcom shall assume no liability for any damage caused by insufficient management, inappropriate use, or use by a third party of Your device.

Article 6: Provision of the App
1.Capcom may change the content of the App without making You any prior notice. Capcom will notify You of the changes to the game or the official website of the App, but please note that it may not notify You of all of the changes.
2.Capcom may, at its discretion, suspend or discontinue the provision of the whole or part of the App.
3.In the event that Capcom suspends or discontinues the provision of all or part of the App under the preceding paragraph, Capcom shall notify You of the such suspension or discontinuation by the method that Capcom considers appropriate; provided, however, that this shall not apply when the suspension or discontinuation is required in an emergency or when Capcom is unable to make the notification due to unavoidable circumstances.

Article 7: Data Transfer
When a You change to a new device, the Game Data of the App installed on or stored on Your original device will not be transferred to the App installed on Your new device. The same shall apply to the case where You uninstall the App on the original device and install the App on a new device. However, the data becomes transferrable when Capcom provides a function that enables You to transfer the Game Data to the App newly installed on the new device.

Article 8: Prohibited Acts
You are prohibited from conducting the following acts in relation to the use of the App:
(1)An act to violate the intellectual property rights or other rights of Capcom or a third party
(2)An act to unlawfully access the facilities that provide, manage, or otherwise host the App or to steal information from the facilities
(3)An act to violate, or that may violate, the EULA, any laws and regulations, or other rules.
(4)An act to use the App in combination with another software or hardware that Capcom has not approved of.
(5)An act to benefit You or a third party or to disadvantage a third party through the use of any bug of the App, or an act to circulate any bug of the App; An act to alter, analyze, correct, adapt, or create a derivative work of the program, image, projected image, sound, or another element of the App.
(6)An act to use the App for commercial, political, or religious purposes.
(7)An act to behave in any way that is prohibited by this article through use of Capcom or a third party.
(8)An act to realize any matters that run contrary to the provision hereof through the use of a third party other than Capcom.
(9)An act to aid or abet any of the acts prohibited in this article.
(10)Any act that Capcom determines that is preparation for any of the acts prohibited in this article.
(11)Any other acts that Capcom determines that hinder the provision of the App.
(12)Any other acts that Capcom determines inappropriate.

Article 9: Measures against Prohibited Acts
1.When Capcom determines that You have conducted any of the acts prohibited in the preceding Article 8, Capcom may implement measures to terminate Your right to use the App or implement legal measures, such as damage claims or any remedies available including injunctive relief against You.
2.Capcom may refuse the use of any games or services other than the App that it provides by any person who have conducted any of the acts prohibited in the preceding article or may implement the measures set forth in the preceding paragraph.

Article 10: Personal Information
1.Capcom shall, with regard to the personal information acquired and obtained from You in relation to the provision of the App (including the information or other items newly acquired in the process of customer support; hereinafter “Personal Information”), handle Personal Information in accordance with the Privacy Policy of Capcom and use them only within the scope of the purpose of providing the App (including responding to inquiries and sending event giveaways).
2.Capcom shall not, except for the cases listed below, provide the Personal Information as specified in the preceding paragraph to a third party:
(1)When Capcom has obtained prior consent from a You.
(2)When Capcom processes Personal Information into statistical data so that particular individual can no longer be identified.
(3)When Capcom receives an official inquiry from a judicial or governmental agency.
(4)When Capcom determines that the provision is necessary to protect the life, body, or property of Capcom, You, or a third party.
(5)In other cases based on laws and regulations.

Article 11: Intellectual Property Rights
All intellectual property rights to the App (including the image, sound, texts, and programs contained therein) shall belong to Capcom and/or any persons having authorized rights (right holders). You shall not acquire any intellectual property rights in relation to the App.

Article 12: Disclaimer
1.Capcom shall assume no liability to compensate for any disadvantage or damage to You that results from any change in the App or the EULA or otherwise any other acts approved by Capcom under this EULA.
2.Capcom shall not make any warranties as to the completeness, operational stability, or other features of the App. Capcom will work to fix any bugs in the App to the extent possible; however, it does not promise to fix all the bugs immediately.
3.In addition to the preceding paragraphs, Capcom shall assume no liability for tort or default in relation to any damage to You as a result of the use of the App (including any damage to the software, the operating system, hardware, or other components) nor undertake any obligation to compensate for such damage; provided, however, that this shall not apply where the EULA is determined to be a consumer contract as defined in the Consumer Contract Act of Japan.
4.Even in the case prescribed in the proviso to the preceding paragraph, Capcom shall not be liable for any damage to You arising out of special circumstances (including such damage that Capcom or You predicted or could have predicted) caused by an illegal act or default resulting from Capcom’s negligence (except for gross negligence).
5.The App may contain links to external websites or services provided by a third party. Capcom shall take no responsibility for the use of such external websites or services. When You use the external websites or services, You shall refer to the rules, agreements, precautions, and other matters provided by the provider of such external websites or services and use the same in accordance with such rules, agreements, precautions, and other matters.

Article 13: Transfer of Rights and Obligations
Capcom may transfer its rights and obligations with regard to the App to a third party or have a third party succeed to the same without obtaining prior approval from You.

Article 14: Governing Law, Dispute Resolution, and Severability
1.This EULA shall be governed by the laws of Japan without regard to conflicts of laws principles, and the formation, interpretation, performance, and other matters in relation to this EULA between Capcom and You shall be carried out in accordance with the laws of Japan.
2.Any disputes arising between Capcom and You in relation to the App shall be subject to the District Court in Tokyo as the agreed exclusive jurisdiction in the first instance.
3.If any of the provisions hereof are held to be invalid under any laws or regulations, any of the provisions hereof other than those that have been held to be invalid shall remain in effect and continue to apply to Capcom and You.

Article 15: Revision of the EULA
1.Capcom may revise this EULA, in whole or in part, at any time by posting the revised version of the EULA in the game or the official website of the App, and the revision shall be deemed to be in effect at the time when the revised EULA is posted.
2.Notwithstanding the forgoing, when a revision of the EULA causes any disadvantage to You, Capcom shall revise the EULA upon prior notice of the revision and the content and timing thereof to You.

Article 16: Inquiries
1.Any inquiries regarding the App shall be made to a contact point separately designated by Capcom and no visits nor other types of inquiry shall be accepted. The contact point will accept Your inquiries only during its reception hours.
2.Any opinions and other comments to Capcom from You in relation to the App may be used for the improvement of the services for the App.

Effective as of June 29, 2022.