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Looking to learn more about the release of Capcom's latest titles?
Then don't miss the Capcom Spotlight on 9 March 2023! This is a digital event where we'll be sharing updates and new information about our upcoming games.

Broadcast Schedule

Thurs 9 March 2023 22:30 UTC

- The runtime will be roughly 26 minutes.

- The date and time of the event may change without prior notice.

- Some of the games included in the spotlight are not suitable for children.

Tune in to find out all the latest information about our 2023 line-up,
including Resident Evil 4 and Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection!

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What is Capcom Spotlight?

Capcom Spotlight is a global livestream digital event that has a different focus to Capcom Showcase.
It's a place for us to share updates and new information about our upcoming games right before their release, bringing Capcom's absolute latest to our fans around the world.


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