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Okami series

Okami series

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Okami is a nature-themed action game in which the hero takes on the form of a wolf named Amaterasu and does battle with ghouls and ghosts in order to restore nature's beauty to a devastated world. First released for PlayStation2 in 2006, its rich and beautiful Japanese-style graphic design, heartwarming story and exciting adventure caused such a great sensation that it received the Entertainment Award from Japan Media Arts Festival in 2006, and the outstanding performance award from Japan Game Awards 2007.

Gender Male, Female
Age 10's - 40's
Licensing Categories Toys, Figures, General goods, Apparel, and Snacks etc.
Title Keywords Nature, Myth, Old tale, Japanese style, Brush
Series Website Okami series Official website
Game Series Sales 4 million units (as of Dec 31 2023)

Examples of Licensed Products

  • Figures
  • Nendoroid
  • Apparel & Goods

Latest News

Apr 2021
Okami 15th anniversary
Aug 2018
Okami HD Nintendo Switch ver. release

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