Licensing Q&A

How do I start the discussion if we would like to apply for the license to use Capcom's character for business purposes?
Please fill in the [Licensing Business Inquiry Form] first. We will get back to you after checking your inquiries.
Other than merchandises, are campaigns and tie-ups also available for licensing? Will we have to pay the licensing fee?
Yes, they are. Please send us the proposal with the project details as the licensing fees vary depending on various conditions (such as level of exposure and market size).
We would like to hold a licensing event using CAPCOM’s characters. Is it possible?
If you are a representative of corporations, retailers, public organizations, who would like to hold events, please fill in the inquiry form with the event summary and planned usage of the characters. We are unable to license out our IPs to personal/ private events (such as a private fan club events and community events), whether the events are for profit/non-profit purposes. Moreover, please note that CAPCOM will not take the responsibility for any and all accidents or injuries caused by participanting such events.
How much is the licensing cost?
It depends on the game title, characters you choose and the category of products you would like to have. We work out royalties based on the quantity/scale of your product plan (Retail price x Royalty percentage = Licensing cost per unit). The royalty percentage varies depending on various factors (such as the categories and scale of your businesses etc), so please fill in your inquiry form detailing which game title, characters, products you'd like to apply.
Are characters not listed on this website also available for licensing?
Yes, as long as CAPCOM has the ownership of the character, they are available for licensing. We are updating this website time to time, and even if the character you are interested in has no description on this website, please feel free to contact us and inquire about it.
What are the processes of licensing business?
First of all, please fill in the inquiry form, and submit it to us. We will get back to you with a CAPCOM licensing form (excel).
Here are the steps to produce licensed products with Capcom:
(1) Please submit the CAPCOM licensing form, we will discuss internally.
(2) Enter into a contract
(3) Design check
(4) Product coloring check
(5) Product sample quality check
(6) Issue of Certificate if applicable (depending on the category)
Are there any product categories that are considered incompatible for CAPCOM's character licensing?
Products related to drinking, smoking, gambling, and pornography are considered incompatible. However, products with special purposes (for example, alcoholic products to promote regional development) and products for limited target users (for example, smoking tools produced as a pachinko slot prize) can be considered, so please contact us through the inquiry form.