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Ghosts 'n Goblins series


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[Suit up. Adapt. Survive.] Exoprimal is an online, team-based action game that pits humanity's cutting-edge exosuit technology against history's most ferocious beasts – dinosaurs. ​Exosuits are grouped into different roles, and players will pilot these exosuits to hold firm against overwhelming dinosaur swarms in online-only, team-based action game modes. Release Date: 2023

Gender male
Age 10s~30s
Licensing Categories Toys, figures, apparel, etc.
Title Keywords Shooting, Dinosaurs, AI, Powered Suits, Matching game, Online
Series Website EXOPRIMAL Official website
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  • Apparel

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Coming in 2023

Capcom's latest title "EXOPRIMAL", in-game collaboration is also available.
We are looking for licensing partners for merchandises and campaigns!

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